One question a day

Did you know that answering one question a day is an amazing way to improve your Hungarian? Learn why is it a useful task and how we can help you.

Why is answering one question a day useful?

❖ You need to activate your knowledge: use words, expressions, sentence structures, grammar formulas in action.

❖ It helps you prepare for real-life communication: the more you practice, the easier it will be to recall the words and sentence structures.

❖ It helps you practice thinking in Hungarian.

❖ Regular practice can boost your self-confidence

❖ You can answer one question in various ways, depending on your needs and on your mood: you can answer them spontaneously or you can prepare, you can answer in writing or orally, you can answer just for yourself or send your answer to somebody.

❖ It is a super easy and quick task that you can easily build into your busy days: it takes 5-10 minutes.

❖ Doing one simple activity like answering a question a day can help you form a habit, and once language learning becomes a habit, you will improve each day.

How can you practice answering one question a day with us?

In our Daily Dose of Hungarian project, you can find one discussion question at the end of each dialogue. You can also read our answers to the question, which gives you a sample.

Join our project to answer one discussion question each weekday in the comments section and interact with fellow members. We also reply to each and every comment. 💛

If you are a really committed learner and would like to get an extra boost to your Hungarian, you can also apply for one of our services:

Get your answers corrected.
Answer the question of the day in the comments section, or if they are too shy, via private message, and you get your answers corrected in your personal Google Document. Remember, regular feedback is very important in order to avoid fossilizing a mistake.

❖ Send a voice or video message to Barbi via WhatsApp. Barbi sends a reply in a voice or video message, too. (With transcript, if needed.) You also get feedback in your personal Google Document.

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