About us

Hungarize is a website for learners of Hungarian. Our mission is to help you learn Hungarian in a fun way through modern, interactive material that is also practical and authentic. Look around the website to learn more about all the different ways you can learn Hungarian with us!

The teachers behind Hungarize

We are Barbi and Laci, the teachers behind Hungarize. We are both certified teachers of Hungarian as a foreign language. We met ages ago at university, during our teaching practice. Laci visited one of Barbi’s classes during our teaching practice where Barbi was using technology in the classroom; and from that moment on we knew we have very similar opinions about teaching. 🙂 We work on several projects together: we are the founders and editors of a website for teachers of Hungarian as a foreign language and we have held workshops for teachers of Hungarian as a foreign language. Hungarize is our first project for learners of Hungarian.

Pál Barbara (Barbi)

Sziasztok! Barbi vagyok. I have been teaching Hungarian as a foreign language since 2014. I love my job: I like meeting people from different cultures and I love spreading the beauties of Hungarian. 🙂 Most of my time I give private lessons (mostly online), but I also work in a language school and at a university. Currently I am on maternity leave.” 🍼

Hajba László (Laci)

Sziasztok! Laci vagyok. I’m a language teacher, trainer, and materials writer. In the past few years I was teaching in a state school, organised conferences for language teachers and worked with schools to help them teach in a more engaging and fun way. Nowadays I focus almost exclusively on teaching Hungarian in Budapest and online. Also, I’m a gamer and a huge nerd!” 👾