About Hungarize

Our Mission

Hungarize is a website for learners of Hungarian. Our mission is (1) to provide you with daily practice opportunities and help you learn Hungarian in a fun way through modern, interactive material that is also practical and authentic, and (2) to help you become an autonomous learner who is happy to learn Hungarian outside the classroom as well.

Our Principles

We believe in the power of
regular practice
(even if it means just 10 minutes a day)
autonomous practice
in between Hungarian classes
❖ learning words, expressions and grammar
from context
realistic dialogues and authentic resources

The founders

We are Barbi and Laci, the teachers behind Hungarize. We are both certified teachers of Hungarian as a foreign language. We are passionate about our job: we love teaching and creating resources for learners of Hungarian as a foreign language.

Look around the website to learn more about all the different ways you can learn Hungarian with us!