Finding dialogues for learning Hungarian

In the first part of our article series, The power of dialogues, we’ve shown you why dialogues are an incredibly useful tool to improve your Hungarian, and in the second part, 18 tips to make the most out of dialogues, we’ve given you some ideas on how to work with dialogues. In the last part of our first article series with study tips, we’ll show you some resources where you can find dialogues.


In our main project, Daily Dose of Hungarian, we share one short dialogue every weekday with audio, transcript, translation, word list, comprehension-check task, gap-filling task, a study note and a discussion question.

The dialogues resemble real-life conversations, they are not simplified, but with the transcript and translation even lower-level learners can benefit a lot from these dialogues. Besides picking up words, phrases and sentences from the dialogues, you can improve all four skills: listen to the dialogue, read the transcript or our answer to the discussion question, write a comment, and send us a voice or video message.

You don’t have to waste time searching for dialogues – just download the Patreon app and check out our dialogue of the day. 🙂

Magyar Hangtár

You can find a huge amount of recordings on the website of Humboldt University in Berlin. There are monologues and dialogues as well, and most of them come with a script, word list and tasks. The quality is great, the topics are interesting, but be prepared that the recordings are long. This is absolutely not a disadvantage, but you’ll need more time to work with these recordings.


You can find a bunch of great dialogues in the MagyarOK coursebook series, and you can find their audio on their website. MagyarOK has a YouTube channel, too, where you can find some videos with short dialogues as well.

Other coursebooks

As we have mentioned in the first part of our article series, using dialogues in coursebooks is not a new invention, so you can take any Hungarian coursebook to find dialogues. Besides MagyarOK, Lépésenként magyarul is also a popular Hungarian coursebook with lots of dialogues.

Movies with subtitles

Dialogues from movies are also an excellent resource for learning. If you watch Hungarian movies with Hungarian subtitles, you can be sure that the script is good; if, however, you watch an English-speaking or a dubbed film with Hungarian subtitles you need to be careful. On the one hand, the translation is not always literal , and on the other hand, not all translators are equally good, and in many cases the dubbing and the subtitle were translated by two different translators, so they might not use the same words.

We hope you liked our first article series with learning tips. We are planning to write some more articles like these, so stay tuned. 🤗

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