Make language learning a habit #2: 10 simple ideas that you can easily build into your daily practice

In the first part of the article series (you can read it here) we have shown you 5+1 tips on building a habit. We highlighted that daily learning does not necessarily have to mean language lessons and worksheets; the point is to do something, anything with the language as often as possible.

Now we would like to give you some simple ideas that you can easily build into your daily practice.


Try to think in Hungarian; at the beginning of the day try to think about your to do list in Hungarian (Ma délután 5-kor fogorvoshoz megyek.), or at the end of the day, summarize what you did that day (Ma fogorvosnál voltam. Nem is volt nagyon rossz. Csak egy kicsi drága volt.).


Try narrating what you are doing (Nincs itthon tej. Elmegyek a boltba és veszek tejet.) or what you are seeing (Ott sétál egy kutya! Nagyon cuki!).


If you like journaling, write your daily journal entry (or a part of it) in Hungarian.


Designate a movie-night once a week when you watch films in Hungarian with English subtitles, or if you are at a more advanced level, in Hungarian with Hungarian subtitles.


Listen to Hungarian songs and read their lyrics or find a karaoke version – you can also try to sing along. 🙂 Check the meaning of some words and expressions that have caught your attention.


If you live in Hugnary, keep your eyes open on the streets: read the advertisements (A legkisebb is számít – Tesco), signs (Napi ajánlat: tyúkhúsleves 500.-), etc.


Keep your ears open on the streets: listen to announcements (A következő megálló: Kálvin tér), how people address each other (Elnézést, szabad ez a hely?).


Watch videos about your topics of interest in Hungarian: do you like cooking? Watch cooking videos in Hungarian. Do you do yoga? Find Hungarian yoga videos.


Take advantage of each and every opportunity to interact with natives, whether in person or in a message. What you CAN say in Hungarian, DO say it in Hungarian. Even if it is just the word “Elnézést.


Find resources that motivate you and use them regularly. You can find a collection of resources for learning Hungarian here:

In the last part of our article series on making language learning a habit we will give you some ideas for guided practice.

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