Make language learning a habit #3: 2 suggestions for guided daily practice

In the first part of our article series (you can read it here) we have shown you 5+1 tips on building a habit, and in the second part (read it here) we gave you 10 simple ideas that you can build into your daily practice.

Do you need guidance with your daily practice? In the last part of our article series we’ll show you two suggestions. 

Firstly, check out our language challenge that we did with Hungarian with Sziszi during the epidemic and try to do as many daily challenges as you can. You can skip the ones that you absolutely don’t want to do; the point is, again, to do SOMETHING with the language as often as possible. You can download the weekly and daily challenges from here.

Secondly, we have put together a daily schedule on how to use Hungarize material to make learning Hungarian a habit. Our free projects can help you create a daily habit as well, but if you are really serious about making learning Hungarian a habit, consider joining us on Patreon.

We share at least two posts every single day on Patreon: one of them is the audio version of our Daily Word dialogue and the other one is something connected to the dialogue of the day: fun interactive practice tasks, skills development tasks, videos, audios, Quizlet sets and so much more.

How much time do you want to spend learning Hungarian today?

👉🏽 5 minutes:

a) read our two daily posts on social media

b) listen to the daily dialogue 2-3 times on Patreon. With the Patreon app you can easily do this anytime, anywhere. First just listen to the dialogue, then listen to it again and read the Hungarian script, and then check out the English translation.

👉🏽 10 minutes:

a) do any of the 5-minute-plans plus pick 2-3 words or expressions from the dialogues that you would like to learn, and answer the question at the end of the dialogue or reply to a comment that a fellow learner posted. Patreon is a safe and encouraging place to practice written communication.

b) read the related grammar/vocabulary/expression etc. and do the interactive practice task we share on Patreon: solve fun interactive tasks, read explanations about grammar, boost your vocabulary with Quizlet, improve your listening skills by listening to us talking about different topics, etc.

👉🏽 20 minutes:

a) do both of the 10-minute-plans

b) dive deeper in the dialogues: follow the ideas we suggested in our Study Guide (a welcome gift to new Patrons) and in this article

c) dive deeper in the related materials: create your own sentences with the new words and grammar, create your own Quizlet sets with words and expressions that you found in our posts, record yourself talking about the questions we answered, try to come up with your own dialogues with the expressions we teach, etc.

👉🏽 30+ minutes:

Now it’s time to do all the things you haven’t had the time for in the previous days! You’ve seen that we’ve shared an explanation about grammar with interactive practice tasks but haven’t had time to check it out yet? You started one task but did not have time to finish it? You did one activity but you would like to do it again? You didn’t have time to listen to some of the dialogues? Do it now!

We hope you’ve found some ideas on making language learning a daily habit. We are busy working on our next articles with study tips, so stay tuned. 🙂 Meanwhile, check out our previous articles below.

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