What’s the best way to learn a language?

Are you looking for the best way to learn a language? Look no further! 
Would you like to boost your Hungarian twice faster? We have the perfect solution for you!
Do you want to get from beginner to intermediate level in 6 months? We’ve got you covered!

These all sound amazing, right? Let’s stop beating around the bush; these are good marketing lines, but you shouldn’t take these promises for granted. The thing is, there simply CANNOT be ONE best way to learn a language, ONE perfect solution, and no one can guarantee that his or her method will take YOU from level A to level B in X amount of time. Let’s see why.

If you like cooking, you must have seen recipes that start with “make the perfect Tiramisu”, or you might have heard a friend inviting you for dinner saying “this is the most delicious butternut squash soup you’ve ever eaten”, only to feel disappointed and think, “no, the way I make Tiramisu is much better”, or “my mother’s butternut squash soup is way more delicious than this one”. We all know that tastes are different; what I find delicious, others might hate, and vica versa. It is the same with language learning.

Just like in all walks of life, we are all different when it comes to language learning. We have different motivation, different levels of determination, a different native language, different background knowledge, different experience in language learning, and, most importantly, different learning styles. This means that what might be the perfect method for some, might not be the perfect method for you. 

Many people make the mistake of quitting learning a language because they hate learning or they feel that their progress is painfully slow. In most cases, this does not mean what they think it means (“it is impossible to learn this stupid language”, “I am not capable of learning this language”); it might simply be an indicator that they are using a method that is not suitable for their individual needs and learning styles.

It would be really nice to get the perfect recipe and just follow the steps, wouldn’t it? But the thing is, you are more likely to make real headway in your learning if you try different recipes, different methods, see which of them work FOR YOU, which you ENJOY doing, where you feel real progress, and maybe combine their elements to find YOUR best way of learning a language.

With our Study Tips, we are giving some recipes; try them and see which work for you best.

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Special thanks to Sziszi ( Hungarian with Sziszi ) for proofreading the blog post and for the inspiring late night talks about the topic. 😘

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