Learn Hungarian with Barbi

Sziasztok! Barbi vagyok.

I have been teaching Hungarian as a foreign language since 2014. I love my job: I like meeting people from different cultures and I love helping them learn my beautiful native language. 

Before I became a mum, I worked day and night and gave regular private lessons (online and in my office), but I also worked in a language school and at a university.

Currently I focus on creating resources for all who would like to practice Hungarian. Why? At the beginning of my career, I taught English and Hungarian simultaneously. And I realized that I could easily help my English-learning students become autonomous learners, who are happy practice in between our lessons, while I was suffering to do the same with my Hungarian-learning students, simply because there were not enough resources available for them to practice outside the classroom. I wished to fill that void. That’s why I created Hungarize with Laci.

I would also love to help learners practice writing and speaking in between their lessons; two skills that I find very important. Below you can find the ways I can help you with these.

Answer one question a day
and get feedback

Would you like to answer one question a day in Hungarian and get your answers corrected and your mistakes explained? I’ve got you covered. In our Daily Dose of Hungarian project you can find one discussion question at the end of each dialogue that you can answer in the comments or in a private message on Patreon. I will correct your answers in your personal Google Document the next workday. 🙂

Daily video message 
on WhatsApp

You don’t have anybody to talk to in Hungarian regularly and you hate practicing speaking by to yourself? Send a daily video message to me! Answer the questions of the day in our Daily Dose of Hungarian project and chit-chat about your day in a short, 1-2 minute video, and send it to me via WhatsApp. I’ll answer with a video message (with Hungarian transcript). This is the top way to get our Daily Dose of Hungarian project really personal. 💛


The dialogue-based lessons are a great way to get the most out of the dialogues we share in our Daily Dose of Hungarian project and in our packages at study.hungarize.com . You pick a dialogue that you enjoyed, listen to it, read it, learn the words, look at sentence structures, and then you join me on a speaking-oriented lesson where you can really deepen your knowledge.

Short conversation lessons
with notes

Would you like to practice speaking in between your classes, or before traveling to Hungary, or just for fun in your lunch break? Book an appointment with me for a 15 or 30 mins conversation lesson via Zoom. You can send me a topic you’d like to talk about or just talk spontaneously. You get the lesson notes after the talk in your personal GoogleDrive document.

Text correction
with feedback

If you have a text that you have written about a topic you are interested in, or you just wanted to practice writing sentences and you’d like to see if they are correct, you can book an appointment and send your text or sentences to me (approximately half-a-page at a time) and I’ll correct them for you in your personal GoogleDrive document.