Daily Dose of Hungarian

Do you ever feel that you will never speak Hungarian? Or that your progress is painfully slow? Or that you are stuck? Or that although you would really like to speak Hungarian, it’s just a pain in the neck? Try to make learning Hungarian a habit. 

Why? Habits drive our behaviour in powerful ways. You never have to gather the motivation to brush your teeth before going to bed: it’s a habit, which means it’s automatic. When you build language practice into your habits, you automate your learning without much effort.

We, at Hungarize, would like to help you create a habit by providing daily practice opportunities.

What’s in our Daily Dose of Hungarian plan?

🔸 One word a day
Every day, a key word from a short Hungarian text is shared with an illustration and English translation

🔸 One dialogue a day
We believe dialogues are an incredibly powerful tool in language learning (read more about learning with dialogues here), that’s why we write and record a dialogue every day with the word of the day. You can read the dialogue and the translation on our social media sites, and you can listen to the dialogues on Patreon.

🔸 One related resource a day
We take one aspect (grammar, vocabulary, expressions, culture, etc.) of the dialogue of the day and share an explanatory post about it on social media. On Patreon, we provide detailed explanations and further interactive practice opportunities to help you internalize the information.

🔸 One quiz question a day
On Facebook and Instagram Stories we share a quiz question based on the posts of the day.

You’re not sure you’ll have time to study every day?

Don’t worry! Our Daily Dose of Hungarian project can still be very useful for you:

🔸 the materials we share each day are completely independent from each other, every day is a new dose of Hungarian, so you don’t need to catch up with the materials if you don’t check Hungarize every day.

🔸 you don’t need to use the full daily package in order to improve a lot: if you have only a couple of minutes on the way to work or while you drink your morning tea, you can just listen to the dialogues a couple of time; if you have 5 minutes, you can read the script as well. You can find some more tips here and here.

🔸 you can just as well consider our project as a place for resources: use only the resources that you really need, and ignore the others. For example, the topic of the day is the indefinite and definite conjugation and you always have troubles with it? Go check out the detials in our posts! The topic of the day is too easy, dfficult, boring, unintersting to you? Skip this day, see what we have tomorrow.

Are you ready to join us?

Free Project

🔸 Word of the day with illustration and English translation

🔸 Dialogue of the day with English translation

🔸 Explanatory post of the day about grammar, vocabulary, expressions etc.

🔸 Daily Quiz in Stories

🔸 Further free Hungarize resources: https://hungarize.com/free-material/

Still not sure?

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