Dialogue-based lessons

We would like to help you get the most of our dialogues
by providing dialogue-based conversation lessons.

How do dialogue-based lessons help you?

During a dialogue-based conversation lesson you activate your knowledge: you need to use the words, phrases, sentence structures you have seen in the dialogue of your choice several times, in various forms.

Moreover, you can practice speaking in a safe environment:
1) the structure of the lessons is fixed, so you know what to anticipate and you can prepare in advance,
2) your teachers are professional teachers of Hungarian as a foreign language who are encouraging and friendly. 🙃

In order to make the most out of the lesson, we recommend you prepare thoroughly before coming to class.

What is the structure of a lesson?

We work with one dialogue (of your choice) during a lesson, and we go through a series of 4 tasks:

1) We revise what the dialogue is about. You need to try to summarize it and answer a couple of questions about the dialogue.

2) We make sure you can use the most important words of the dialogue correctly.

3) We try to act out the dialogue, without reading it. This can be real fun. 😊 (You can skip this if you don’t like role-plays.)

4) We talk about some topics that came up in the dialogue.

How can you book a dialogue-based lesson?

You can book your dialogue-based lesson in our online calendars. When you book your lesson, you need to send us the link to the dialogue you would like to work with. We build your lesson plan, and see you in class. 🤩 You get the Zoom link in the confirmation email.

After the class, you’ll find the lesson notes in your personal GoogleDrive document.