Free Material

We are working hard to create useful and fun quality material accessible to anyone. Currently we have 8 free forms of resources, but the more support we get, the more free material we can create. 🤗 Here’s a short introduction to each, but you can learn about them in more detail by clicking on the “Learn more” buttons.

The Daily Word Project

Every day, the key words from authentic Hungarian texts are shared, together with an illustration and an example dialogue
on our social media sites.
🌟 We share the audio versions of the dialogues on Patreon every single day.

The Daily Quiz Project

We share a quiz question (grammar, vocabulary, expression, etc.) based on the dialogue of the day on Instagram in the stories, and we share a post on the feed that explains the answer.
🌟 Our Patrons get additional resources (interactive practice tasks, audios, explanations etc.) for each quiz question.


In our monthly newsletter we summarize the latest news on Hungarize (new releases, blog posts, most popular posts etc.)
AND we send free resources every month. 🤩 New subscribers get a huge pack of sample material as a welcome gift.


Currently we have two regular playlists on YouTube; the Daily Word Favorites and the Text & Podcast.
🌟 We share additional resources with our Patrons, e.g. the full podcast with transcript.


You can find some more free materials (interactive tasks, printables, articles, easy readers with word lists, videos etc.)
and study tips on our blog.

Language Challenge

We created a 5-week-long Language Challenge with Hungarian with Sziszi during the epidemic. Join this challenge if you need some ideas on how to improve your Hungarian on a daily basis.

Study Tips

We started to write articles with loads of study tips and resources to help you find YOUR best way to learn Hungarian.


We have a Quizlet class where you can not only practice the Daily Words, but you can also listen to their pronunciation.