Converse & Connect: Join our Engaging Group Conversation Classes!

Are you looking for a safe and encouraging environment to practice speaking in Hungarian? Look no further!

Our group conversation classes offer an exciting opportunity to practice and engage in lively discussions with 2-3 fellow students. These classes go beyond traditional lessons, allowing you to speak more freely, listen actively, and react to the thoughts and ideas of other learners. Led by experienced teachers, these dynamic sessions provide a supportive environment for spontaneous conversations.

“I would recommend these classes for Hungarian language learners, especially to learners who need more time to relax in everyday conversations – like me.”


What is the structure of a lesson?

Pre-class Preparation

Before the class, you will receive a document with a dialogue and related questions tailored to your level. This allows you to
✔ familiarize yourself with the topic and
✔ prepare for the upcoming conversation.

Welcoming and Warm-up

At the beginning of each class, we create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We take some time to catch up with everyone and share any interesting experiences since the last session. This helps to
✔ build connections and
✔ create a comfortable space for open communication.

Dialogue Discussion and Conversation

Then comes the core of the lessons: we talk about the dialogue itself and the related questions you received earlier. This helps you
✔ activate your knowledge
✔ practice vocabulary and grammar used in the dialogue
✔ participate in real-life discussions and
✔ build confidence and fluency.

Farewell and Lesson Notes

After the conversation, we say goodbye, but the learning doesn’t stop there. You can access all the valuable lesson notes in the document you received before the class. This helps you
✔ review the topics discussed,
✔ reinforce your learning and
✔ identify areas for improvement.

Hear What Our Students Say

Ready to join our group discussion classes?

It’s easy to get started! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill in our registration form: provide your language level and indicate your preferred available times. Don’t forget to select all the time slots that work for you! If you’re unsure about your language level, we’ve provided some guidance to help you assess it here.
  2. Once we’ve found a suitable group for you at your level, we’ll reach out to you via email with further instructions.
  3. Once we’ve found the perfect group for you at your language level, we’ll personally send you a registration link via email. This link will allow you to easily sign up, make the payment, and secure your spot in the upcoming group discussion classes.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your Hungarian speaking skills and connect with other learners like yourself.