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‣ Do you find it hard to motivate yourself to study regularly and make consistent progress in your Hungarian learning journey?

‣ Can you only understand “textbook Hungarian” but struggle to comprehend native speakers or express yourself fluently?

‣ Perhaps you’ve already spent precious time (and money) in your quest for Hungarian language resources that are enjoyable, practical and reliable for self-study, but come up short?

“Hands down the best resource to learn Hungarian. Fun, professional, educational, but also very personal. Every morning I look forward to reading the dialogues and learning something new.”


Did you know that ….

‣ Learners who take an active role in their own learning process are more successful than those who rely solely on teachers or textbooks?

‣ Consistent, regular practice is the key to language learning success?

‣ Enjoying the process of language learning is crucial to maintaining motivation and sticking with learning in the long term?

‣ Short but regular doses of language practice can be more effective than longer study sessions spaced further apart?

‣ The more input you receive in the language, the better you will be able to understand and use it yourself?

‣ One of the best ways to build vocabulary and internalize new words and phrases is through exposure to authentic language input?

We kept these principles in mind when we planned our Daily Dose of Hungarian project.

“I must admit, I can’t remember why exactly I decided to be a member. But it was exactly the right decision for me, because that kind of learning is more playful and never annoys me. It’s easy to stay tuned with little units per day.”


What you’ll get every weekday

Short Dialogue

Listen to a short (max. 1 minute) dialogue with transcript, translation, word list and comprehension task. This helps you …
✔ improve your understanding of what natives say
✔ learn common, everyday phrases and expressions
✔ build your vocabulary
✔ practice your pronunciation
✔ get used to the rhythm and intonation of the language
✔ see the language in action and improve your language use

Language Note

Read a short note on Hungarian grammar, vocabulary, expressions or culture related to the dialogue of the day. This helps you …
✔ learn about Hungarian language in digestible doses
✔ deepen your understanding of Hungarian grammar
✔ improve your vocabulary
✔ show you further samples of the language
✔ gain insight into Hungarian culture

Discussion Question

Answer one question after each dialogue and read sample answers to help you formulate your own answers. This helps you …
✔ turn input into output and practice productive skills
✔ improve your fluency and language use
✔ practice expressing your thoughts in Hungarian
✔ you can get your answers corrected and mistakes explained
✔ you can answer in a voice or video message

“I love the layout and structure of the daily posts. The content is on the point. It is simple to follow, great content and really helpful for learners.”


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It – Hear What Our Happy Members Have To Say

Join our vibrant community of learners supported by two experienced and knowledgeable teachers who want you to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Hungarize Start is $10 per month. Hungarize Classic is $10 per month, and Hungarize Ultra, which combines Start and Classic, is $16 per month.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Sign up to Patreon, choose your membership tier and as soon as you join, you’ll have immediate access to the dialogues and library of resources. You’ll get your daily lessons at 7 a.m. (CET), in digestible chunks of information every weekday, which you can easily incorporate into your everyday life. We also provide you with a helpful study guide with loads of tips and task ideas.

How difficult are the resources?

We offer two options: Hungarize Classic contains dialogues that imitate real-life conversations, while Hungarize Start contains simplified dialogues. In Hungarize Classic, you’ll find dialogues for learners at pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper-intermediate levels, while in Hungarize Start, you’ll find dialogues for beginner and elementary levels.

I already have a teacher and regular lessons – how will the membership help me?

Our resources can be successfully used for regular practice in between your classes or, if you’ve stopped taking classes, something you can turn to in order to keep practising.

I’m not sure if I can commit to studying every day. Is the membership still useful for me?

Yes, absolutely! The dialogues we share do not depend on each other, so you can skip as many days as you want, you don’t need to catch up on the materials you missed. You can just as well pick and choose the materials you are interested in and skip the ones that you don’t feel you need.

What level of Hungarian do I need to be at to join?

If you understand basic Hungarian sentences and know the very basics of the language you can already join Hungarize Start, where we share simplified dialogues for learners at lower levels. Hungarize Classic is recommended for pre-intermediate, intermediate and upper-intermediate learners.

Can I learn at my own pace?

Our resources are specifically designed so you can study at your own pace with no pressure. The back dialogues are available to you, so you can dive in whenever you please. Your learning is in your hands: you decide when you want to learn, what you want to learn, and how much time you want to spend learning. We provide the opportunity; you choose how you want to take it. (But once again, we can always help you if you need help with what to do.)

How much time does it take to complete one Daily Dose?

The question is: how much time do you have to practice? The full daily resource takes about 30 minutes to cover, but you don’t need to do all the exercises every day to benefit a lot; listening to the dialogue of the day and picking up one useful word or expression while you sip your morning coffee, or answering the question of the day while you are commuting to work is a lot more than nothing. 🙂

When are the monthly Zoom classes held?

The monthly Zoom classes are held on the last Thursday of every month at 8 pm CET time.

Do you provide individual one-to-one or group lessons?

Yes. You can find out more here.

Who are the teachers?

We are Barbi and Laci, the teachers behind Hungarize. We are both certified teachers of Hungarian as a foreign language. We are passionate about our job: we love teaching and creating resources for learners of Hungarian as a foreign language. You can find out more about us, along with our mission and principles, here.

So, are you ready to take your Hungarian to the next level? Join us and let’s embark on this language-learning journey together!

Who knows, you might even impress your Hungarian friends with your newly acquired skills and leave them wondering, ‘Hát ezt meg hol tanultad?’ (Where have you learnt that?) 🤪 See you on the other side!

All for as little as the price of a bowl of hot gulyásleves per month (with all the trimmings)!