Resources for learning Hungarian

In the upcoming months, years we are going to publish various resources for learners (and teachers) of Hungarian as a foreign language at . Are you…

  • looking for extra practice opportunities to level up your Hungarian?
  • learning Hungarian on your own and need some help?
  • taking Hungarian classes but would like to boost your Hungarian even more?
  • in need of online resources for learning Hungarian?
  • desperate to improve your language skills?

Sign up for our free promo package below to get samples from the resources we are creating. Whenever a new resource is available, we add the sample to this promo package.

Resource Types


A free demo package about all our resource types

In this demo package we share samples from each resource we create together with a 20% discount coupon. Whenever a new resource is available, we add samples to this package so you can test whether the resource is right for your level and needs.


30-day skills development resource packages for regular practice

We share one challenge per month, but you can join each challenge anytime. Each Hungarize Challenge contains 30 resources; you can indeed challenge yourself and solve one task per day for a month, but you can just as well take your time and work on them for as long as you wish.


Larger collections of resources

Our packages will contain larger collections of resources, such as 100 dialogues for various levels and for various purposes. Currently one such package is available.


Coming soon

A new product type is coming soon to the website. Follow us on social media and stay tuned. 😊