What is it about?

A podcast about Hungarian language, culture and people for foreigners learning Hungarian. In each podcast episode you can listen to a story that learners or teachers of Hungarian as a foreign language has sent us about

๐Ÿค their motivation for learning or teaching Hungarian
๐Ÿค why they love learning or teaching Hungarian
๐Ÿค what they find difficult about learning or teaching Hungarian
๐Ÿค funny stories, mistakes, misunderstandings they had while speaking or learning Hungarian
๐Ÿค cultural differences they found strange or interesting
๐Ÿค stories about Hungarian culture, people or the country itself.

How difficult it is?

The difficulty of the episodes depend on the difficulty of the stories we get from learners and fellow colleagues. The difficulty of each episode is marked with paprikas in the description:

๐ŸŒถ easy: elementary – pre-intermediate
๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ medium: pre-intermediate – intermediate
๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ๐ŸŒถ hard: intermediate and above.

Is it free?

Yes, all episodes are available for free on various podcast platforms. However, the transcripts of the episodes with word lists and Quizlet sets are available for members of Daily Dose of Hungarian project on Patreon (at Rubik kocka, Dobos torta and Erล‘s Pista tiers).

How is it connected to the Daily Dose of Hungarian project?

At the end of each podcast episode we pick 5 words from the core story that will be the words of the day in our Daily Dose of Hungarian project at Patreon the week the podcast episode is released. In our Daily Dose of Hungarian project, you can listen to a short dialogue each weekday with various practice opportunities. Learn more and join us at patreon.com/hungarize.

Who can send stories?

Learners and teachers of Hungarian as a foreign language can send us stories about the topics mentioned in the first paragraph. One story should be half a page to one page long, and should be sent to mail@hungarize.com . The stories can be written in Hungarian or English, but writing it in Hungarian is an excellent way to practice, so we recommend that.

Who do we offer in exchange for the stories?

Our podcast can only exist if you send us stories, so we are deeply grateful for each story we get. In exchange for the stories we offer:
๐Ÿค a correction of your text with short explanations of your mistakes
๐Ÿค a discount coupon worth 2000 HUF at study.hungarize.com (for Patrons, a coupon worth 3000 HUF)
๐Ÿค a copy of the transcript of the episode with word list