Resources for learning Hungarian

We have been teaching Hungarian as a foreign language for several years and we realized how difficult it is to recommend resources for our students which they can use for practicing in between the lessons. When we decided to start creating resources for learning Hungarian, this became our mission: to create resources for motivated learners that they can use for regular practice in between their classes, or if they have stopped taking classes, something they can turn to in order to keep practicing on their own.

Are you…
✔️ looking for extra practice opportunities to level up your Hungarian?
✔️ learning Hungarian on your own and need some help?
✔️ taking Hungarian classes but would like to boost your Hungarian even more?
✔️ in need of online resources for learning Hungarian?
✔️ keen on making language learning a routine?
✔️ desperate to improve your language skills?

Take a look around our resources.

Daily Dose of Hungarian

Our main project, called Daily Dose of Hungarian, provides daily practice opportunities. The daily resources are based on a short, realistic dialogue. The daily posts do not build on each other, so you can skip days, and you don’t need to work with all elements of the post to improve a lot. We provide the opportunity to improve all four skills, you decide when and to what extent you use it.

30-day Challenges

Each Hungarize Challenge contains 30 resources; you can indeed challenge yourself and solve one task per day for a month, but you can just as well take your time and work on them for as long as you wish. You can join any challenge any time. There are various challenges: most of them focus on skills development, but some aimed to improve grammar or vocabulary.

Grammar in Context

Barbi teamed up with our dear colleague, Eszter Berényi to create grammar-based skills development packages. Each package focuses on one point of grammar. The packages first provide context to observe the grammar in question, then give step-by-step explanations with drill tasks, and in the end they take grammar back to context and focus on skills development.