Besides the various resources we create for self-study, we provide different services for learners who would like to get personalized practice opportunities during their studies. Currently we offer two kinds of services: text correction with feedback and email or Zoom consultations.


Writing is an excellent way to practice and to boost your Hungarian. You can expand your vocabulary, practice grammar, formulate sentences, automatize sentence structures, improve written communication – and these all help you get better in oral communication as well! 🤩 Although writing just for yourself also has benefits, it’s best to consult a teacher to correct your texts. That’s one of the services we offer.

There are three ways you can practice writing with Hungarize and get your texts corrected by us:

1. Join either the Dobos torta or the Erős Pista tier in our Daily Dose of Hungarian project on Patreon.

In our Daily Dose of Hungarian project we share one dialogue every workday with various study aids, and at the end of each dialogue you can find a discussion question that you can answer briefly in the comments section. We collect and correct your comments in your personal GoogleDrive document every Monday. You can learn more and join here:

2. Join one of our Resource Packages or Challenges at .

You can purchase most of our learning materials at with corrections; if you do so, we create a personal GoogleDrive document for you where we collect and correct your writings every Monday. There are some Resource Packages and Challenges that are especially recommended for practicing writing; you can find these here (new resources are coming month by month!):

3. Book a consultation and send us the text (approximately half-a-page at a time) or sentences you’d like us to correct for you.

If you have a text that you have written about a topic you are interested in, or you just wanted to practice writing sentences and you’d like to see if they are correct, you can book an appointment and send your text or sentences to us (approximately half-a-page at a time) and we’ll correct them for you. Learn more about booking a consultation in the next section.


Do you have a question about the language and you would like to get a detailed explanation with examples? Would you like to practice something that you often have troubles with? Would you like to practice speaking? Or get a text corrected? Book an appointment for consultation with us! 🤩

When you book your appointment in our online calendar, you need to specify which of the following services you’d like to get:

1) Get something (one question at a time) explained via email. You can ask your question when you book your appointment, and I will send an explanation for you with examples (taken from our dialogues as well) and links to further resources (if there are any available). E.g.:

  • What is the difference between “mégis” and “mégsem”?
  • In X dialogue I saw X sentence, and I just don’t get it. Why is X written like this?

2) Ask for a practice task about something (one topic at a time). When you book your appointment, you can tell me what you’d like to work on and I will send you an interactive practice task that you can solve any time. E.g.:

  • In theory I get the difference between “mégis” and “mégsem”, but I would like to practice. 
  • I really enjoyed X task on Patreon; can you send me a similar one?

3) Get something corrected. You can send me a text (maximum half-a-page long) that I will correct for you. E.g.

  • I found the topic of yesterday’s dialogue really interesting and I wrote something about it. Can you please check it for me?
  • People always ask me about my job. I wrote a couple of sentences about it. Are these correct?
  • I wanted to practice “mégis” and “mégsem” and I wrote a couple of sentences. Did I get them right?

4)  Practice small-talk. You get the link to my Zoom consultation room and we can practice making small-talk in Hungarian. 

  • How are you? What’s up with you? How was your week? What’s the weather like where you live? 

5) Talk about a specific question/topic you are interested in. You can send me the question/topic you’d like to talk about when you book your appointment and we’ll talk about the question/topic for 15 minutes via Zoom. You can pick a question from our daily dialogues on Patreon that you’ve found interesting, or you can pick anything else as well.

  • I found the question about losing weight at the end of yesterday’s dialogue interesting, but I would not like to talk about it in public in the comments section.
  • People always ask about why I’m learning Hungarian. Can we practice talking about this question?

Only the last two options require you to be present at the time of the consultation; if you pick one of the first 3 options, I’ll send you what you’ve asked for at the time of the consultation, but you can check it out whenever you have time.

Currently, this service is available to our Patrons only; Erős Pista Patrons can book 4 appointments per month for their subscription (besides other privilages) and other Patrons can book an appointment for consultation at a discounted price. Soon we’ll open up some spaces for learners outside Patreon as well. 🤩 Send us a message if you would like to be notified: